Fix Plex ‘Server is not powerful enough’ Error on Android

plexPlex Media Server is by far the most popular media management system for home media server users. Both enthusiasts and casual users know that anybody: grandparents, children and non-tech savvy users will be able to navigate Plex. Plex supports so many devices that they have put controls in place to try to minimize the likelihood of laggy playback intending to improve the user experience. If … I'm curious

HTPC Deals – Streaming TV Stick Reviews

Streaming TV Sticks are a great cord cutting solution. The Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast and CK808 and MK818 all stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video. For non-tech savvy relatives they are perfect due to their ease of use, for techies it gives them a gadget to tweak and hack so it’ll do exactly what you want. All the HDMI TV sticks … I'm curious

Fix Mount Manager Out of Memory Error

mount manager iconOne of my first guides was about how to turn an old Android device into a streaming music player for your library. Because I have a large music library stored on my HTPC server I needed to mount the network drives in Android using Mount Manager. After it running quite smoothly for a few months I got a ‘Mount Manager Out of memory error’ and … I'm curious

Turn Android Device into Streaming MPD Music Server

mpd icon

Music Player Daemon is an extremely lightweight application originally written for Linux. You can remote control the music server using an Android device, iPod, Windows and OSX boxes. I had an old android device laying around and wanted to turn it into a wireless music player for my bedroom and control it with my phone. Now I stream music from a NAS through the Android … I'm curious