Ultimate Windows Home Media Server Guide

Install NZBGet

There is no windows installer for nzbget so you need to download the latest stable zip. I use Winrar to unpack the zip but Windows has a built-in unzipper too.

Copy the file to the location which you want to install it like C:\Program Files (x86)\ since you will be unpacking it to its own folder.

Right click on the nzbget zip you downloaded and extract the files.

nzbget step 1 extract nzbget

Now you have a folder with nzbget inside

nzbget step 2 extracted

Go inside and locate nzbget-command-shell.bat. Right click and choose Run as adminsitrator.

nzbget step 3 run as admin

You will get a prompt if you are sure you want to run the program, click Run

nzbget step 4 run anyway

At the command prompt. Type nzbget -install

nzbget step 5 nzbget -install

Now start the nzbget service, type net start NZBGet

nzbget step 7 service started

Click your start menu, find Computer (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8).

Right click on This PC or Computer and click Manage.

nzbget step 8 right click computer

On the left hand side click Services and Applications. Click Services.

Scroll down and find NZBGet in the right pane. Right click and select Properties.

nzbget step 9 services

NZBGet currently starts manually, we want it to autostart.

Choose Automatic from the Startup type dropdown. Click Apply and then OK.

nzbget step 12 automatic

Now you are all set to configure nzbget.

Configure NZBGet

http://ip.address:6789, username: nzbget, password: tegbzn6789

You will be met with this screen. Click settings

nzbget first page click settings

Now click PATHS, change your downloads directory if necessary

nzbget settings paths

Now click NEWS-SERVERS. Make sure Server 1 is enabled and give your server a name like Usenetserver.

Enter your usenet provider’s server address like news.usenetserver.com

nzbget news servers 1 red

Scroll down until port is at the top. Enter port 563, your username and password.

Enable Encryption, enter 10 connections or whatever your provider’s maximum amount is

nzbget news servers 2 red


Category 1 by default is movies, make sure Unpack is enabled. Add the Alias movies*

Adding aliases is useful when you get nzbs through private indexers then  NZBGet can use the metadata to group the release in the appropriate category.

nzbget categories 1

Scroll down until you see Category 2 which is for TV

Leave Series as the name or change it to TV, do remember if you do this as you may need the category name for nzbdrone.

Make sure unpack is enabled. Add TV - HD, TV - SD, TV* as the Alias

nzbget categories 2 TV


Make sure AppendCategoryDir is enabled to work with the categories we configured earlier.

Leave DupeCheck on, which will avoid downloading the same nzb file twice

nzbget incoming nzbs red

Scroll down until you see Save Changes in the bottom left corner and click it.

nzbget incoming nzbs save all changes

You will see that your configuration has been saved successfully. Click Reload NZBGet.

nzbget configuration saved hit reload page