Install Cardigann Torznab Indexer on Ubuntu 16.04

Cardigann is a Torznab indexer like Jackett. After installing Cardigann on Ubuntu 16.04 you can add custom torrent indexers/trackers to Sonarr, SickRage and CouchPotato. Cardigann is written in Go which makes it lighter and requires no dependencies like mono on Linux.  It's also hosted on github and they are looking for a new maintainer. This guide will show you how to install Cardigann on Ubuntu 16.04.

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Install Cardigann on Ubuntu 16.04

Create a folder for Cardigann and change the ownership of the folder to your regular user

mkdir /opt/cardigann
sudo chown -R user:user /opt/cardigann

The latest compiled Cardigann can be found here.

I am assuming you have a 64 bit installation, if you are on a Raspberry Pi or any ARM based device you will need to use the tar.gz ARM version

cd /tmp
tar -xf cardigann-stable-linux-amd64.tgz -C /opt/cardigann

Enter the Cardigann folder and run the command to test if it will run.

With these parameters you can access Cardigann on port 5060 on all network adapters so you can access it by its local IP address.

You can set a passphrase like htpcguides too.

cd /opt/cardigann
./cardigann server --bind="" --port="5060" --passphrase="htpcguides"

You should see this output showing that Cardigann is running and can now access it at its IP address http://ip.address:5060

INFO[0000] Cardigann 1.9.10
INFO[0000] Reading config from /home/htpcguides/.config/cardigann/config.json
INFO[0000] Found 0 indexers enabled in configuration
INFO[0000] Listening on

Ctrl+C in the SSH terminal to kill Cardigann so you can create the system service.

Cardigann Systemd Service

Cardigann does have a system command to install a service but the configuration file was not being automatically created so I made this systemd service instead.

Create the Cardigann systemd configuration file

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/cardigann.service

Paste this Watcher systemd file and remember to change htpcguides to your user.

Change the passphrase htpcguides as well to what you chose.

Description=Cardigann Daemon
ExecStart=/opt/cardigann/cardigann server --bind="" --port="5060" --passphrase="htpcguides"


Enable the Cardigann systemd service

sudo systemctl enable cardigann

Start the Cardigann systemd service

sudo service cardigann start

That should do it and you can start adding your custom indexers