Abort Passworded Releases with NZBGet 14 and Later

block-rar-password-releasesUsenet releases can be passworded causing frustration for users. Like Sabnzbd, NZBGet can discard passworded releases that your usenet indexer didn't catch it just requires a script configuration. The PasswordDetector script is written by several coders in python so it will work on all operating systems: Windows, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi) and Mac OSX. It runs as a queue-script which means it scans the rar files as you download to see if there's a password and will pause or discard the release depending on how you configure it. This guide covers how to abort password releases in NZBGet 14 and onwards, older versions do not support queue-scripts.

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Abort Passworded Releases NZBGet 14 and Later

This guide is separated into installing PasswordDetector and configuring PasswordDetector. After you have installed the script, scroll down to Configure PasswordDetector.


Download the Password detector script and find the PasswordDetector.py file in the PasswordDetector-master folder of the zip file

You will need to drag the PasswordDetector.py file to the NZBGet scripts folder in c:\Program files (x86)\nzbget or c:\Program Files\nzbget

Make sure Python is installed by downloading Python 2.7 32-bit or 64-bit.

Run the installer, for the most part you just click Next through the Wizard

windows python step 1

The guide will assume you are installing to C:\Python27

windows python step 2

In the Customize Python 2.7.x enable Add python.exe to Path.

This allows you to run python from the command prompt in Windows which is useful if you are installing other programs like SickRage, CouchPotato, Mylar or Headphones.

Click Next

windows python step 3

Click Finish to exit

windows python step 4


Make sure Python 2.7 is installed, it should be by default.

Download the Password detector script

Open the PasswordDetector-master.zip file, go in the PasswordDetector-master folder and locate the PasswordDetector.py script and it to the scripts folder of NZBGet

First make sure NZBGet 14 or later is running

Click the Arrow pointing down in the top right, choose Show in Finder and then Scripts

nzbget show scripts in finder

The scripts folder will pop up, enter it

nzbget mac osx scripts folder

Copy the PasswordDetector.py script you downloaded into the scripts folder (the screenshot shows FailureLink which is also a useful script)

nzbget fake detector added

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian)

SSH into your Linux box and go to your nzbget scripts folder, by default it is a subdirectory of your downloads folder. You may have it elsewhere like /usr/bin/local/nzbget or ~/nzbget-14.1/scripts

Change to the NZBGet scripts folder

cd /path/to/nzbget/scripts

Download the Password Detector script

wget http://github.com/JVMed/PasswordDetector/raw/master/PasswordDetector.py

Make sure PasswordDetector is executable

sudo chmod +x /path/to/nzbget/scripts/PasswordDetector.py

You will need to restart NZBGet for it to detect the script

Configure NZBGet PasswordDetector

If you already had NZBGet running you will need to Reload it, load up the NZBGet WebUI at http://ip.address:6789, default username nzbget with password tegbzn6789.

Hit Settings, System in the left pane and click the red Reload button

nzbget configure reload nzbget

Now click Settings again and you will see PasswordDetector in the Left pane, click it to reveal the options.

If you know the passwords to some releases you shoudl choose Pause which allows you to enter a password or abort the release.

If you want to abort all passworded releases, click Mark as Bad so it turns blue.

nzbget configure passworddetector mark bad

Now click Extension Scripts and scroll down to Queue-script, click Choose

nzbget configure passworddetector click extension scriptss

Check off PasswordDetector.py and click Apply

nzbget configure passworddetector check passworddetector

You will see PasswordDetector is in the Queue-script list, scroll down and click Save All Changes

nzbget configure passworddetector save all changes

Reload NZBGet and test with a known passworded release. You will see it marked as BAD in the Download History.

CouchPotato and Sonarr use the release marked as BAD information from NZBGet to grab another release automatically.

nzbget configure passworddetector show bad release

Configure NZBGet to grab new releases from failed downloads automatically.