Ultimate Windows Home Media Server Guide

Find Usenet Service Provider

I recommend Unlimited UsenetServer (2 week no risk free trial) as a primary service

Optionally you can have a block account to help fill missing blocks.

Find Usenet Indexer

The indexer you use is very important for making sure you get quality releases. A lot of these indexers are able to filter out spam and other garbage so you get what you want.

Indexer Name Registration Type VIP Cost Payment Method
DOGnzb Open signups with Bitcoin $10 Lifetime Bitcoin
NZB.su Invite Only $14 Annual Bitcoin, Credit Card
OMGWTFnzbs Open Signups with Bitcoin $10 Annual Bitcoin, Paypal
OZnzb Open Signups $10 Annual Credit Card
OMGWTFnzbs Random Open Signups $10 Annual Bitcoin, Paypal

Choose Usenet Download Program

Remember you only need to choose either Sabnzbd or NZBGet. You are welcome to install both if you like. If you are worried about system resources then NZBGet is the wiser choice. Sabnzbd is older and is therefore more integrated with indexers for now though dognzb has integrated NZBGet.

Install Sabnzbd

Grab the installer package of Sabnzbd for Windows. Open it

Choose your language and press OK

sabnzbd step 1 language

Agree to the license agreement.

sabnzbd step 2 license agreement

Check run at startup and NZB file association. Click Next.

sabnzbd step 3 choose components

Choose Install location, default is ok.

sabnzbd step 4 install location

Choose the start menu folder and press Install.

sabnzbd step 5 start menu folder

All done, now click Finish.

sabnzbd step 6 completed wizard

Now you’ll see this shortcut on your desktop. Double click it and you will get a web browser window showing the sabnzbd interface. Sabnzbd will automatically boot on startup.

sabnzbd shortcut