Configure Simple uTorrent VPN with PureVPN


PureVPN is the best VPN software for one simple, yet powerful reason: choice. Most VPNs force you to tunnel your whole machine including all of its applications and processes through the VPN. PureVPN understands people want choice.

There may be some applications you absolutely want to go through your VPN for security and privacy reasons. Alternatively there may be other applications you do not want to go through a VPN like if you have Sabnzbd, NZBget, Couchpotato, Nzbdrone or anything else you want to manage remotely outside your home network. This is an excellent feature that, to my knowledge, no other VPN service or client offers with the same ease of use to encrypt your traffic rather than just mask your IP with a proxy.

If you are interested in other options for a secure connection, consider reading Comparing Usenet vs Torrents – Which is Better?

VPN Service
All Platforms
Number of Connections
Monthly Cost
Annual Cost
Private Internet Access
($3.33 / month)
Pure VPN
($4.91 / month)
($6.41 / month)

The PureVPN application for Windows allows you to choose which programs you want to go through the VPN like utorrent. I created a guide to install PureVPN which prepares you to complete the current guide without issues. We will be forcing utorrent to use the PureVPN service. This guide assumes you already have an affordable PureVPN account and that you have not used the client before.

This is a simple diagram showing the benefits of PureVPN over other VPN services for file sharing

vpn diagram

Simple utorrent VPN with PureVPN

If you did not follow my install guide you must make sure PureVPN runs as an administrator always.

Open up PureVPN. You will see this very green screen. Click Skip this guide in the bottom right corner.

PureVPN Skip this guide

You will see the main screen. Click Split Tunneling on the left pane.

Check Make Permanent and then click the green Disabled button to enable Split tunneling.

The Disabled button will turn red and say Enabled.

PureVPN Click Disabled

Click Dashboard

Enter your username and password, check Remember me

PureVPN Enter username and password

Now click the arrow for Purpose or Country and Choose File Sharing

PureVPN Choose File Sharing

You will see this new screen. Click the green circle that says Connect to the fastest server.

Then Click Connect Now.

PureVPN Connect Now

Now PureVPN is connected and should look like this

PureVPN Connected

If you don't have Hidden items viewable in Windows Explorer you must do that first, in Windows 8.1 it is quite easy.

In any explorer window Click View and then check Hidden Items.

Windows change View Hidden Items

In Windows 7, it's Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization.

Click Folder Options. In Advanced Settings click Show hidden files and folders.

Click OK.

Back in PureVPN, click Split Tunneling in the left pane and then Add an Application.

Note: the IP address in parentheses is the IP address that will be shown to seeds in the torrent swarm which protects your identity.

PureVPN Split Tunnel Add Application

Browse to where uTorrent is which is usually c:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent

AppData will be greyed out if you enabled hidden folders correctly.

Appdata greyed out

Now click Launch next to uTorrent

PureVPN Click Launch

Now you can minimze PureVPN and it will hide in the system tray and run in the background.

It's time to add a torrent and download to test the speed. I was able to still max out my connection ( I only get 1.9 MB/s)

purevpn utorrent speed

That's it, now you are sending all of your traffic through utorrent encrypted and mask your IP. If you still want to remote control utorrent you can do so with my TightVNC guide.