Configure Plex Media Server All Platforms


Plex Media Server is a very popular streaming media server solution. After you have installed Plex and organized all of your movie and tv collections, you need to tell Plex how to deliver your content to all of the connected devices. Configuring Plex is the same on all platforms so this guide is applicable to Windows, OSX, Debian and Ubuntu Linux.

Usenet Provider
100 Mbit

Configure Plex Media Server

Open up your Plex web interface at http://ip.address:32400/web

You will see this welcome screen explaining the Terms of Service. Click Next.

plex get started 1 agree

Here you can name your Plex Server and choose whether to send anonymous data that should help improve Plex.

Click Next.

plex get started 2 name server

Now it's time to add media libraries. Click Add Library.

plex get started 3 add library

Let's add movies first. Click Movies

plex get started 4 click movies

You can name your library whatever you want and change the language. Click Next.

plex get started add movies 1

Click Add folder

plex get started add movies folder

Browse to the correct location and click Add.

plex get started add movies folder 2

If your movies are in more than one location you can add another folder.

When you're done click Add Library.

Plex server add library movies add another

Now your movie library is added, let's add TV. Click Add library.

plex get started 5 movies added

Click TV Shows

plex get started 6 click tv shows

Give the library a name or leave it as Tv Shows and click Next

plex get started add tv shows 1

Click Add Folder.

plex get started add tv shows add folder

Browse to your TV series location and click Add

plex get started add tv shows click add folder

Again you can add more folders if necessary. When you're done click Add library.

plex get started add tv shows add another

Now our libraries are added :). Click Next

plex get started 7 libraries added

You will see this channels screen. they can be useful to integrate other services and accounts you already have. I don't use them so just click next.

plex channels click next

Now you're done with the basics. Click Done.

plex get started done

Additional Plex Settings

Create a Plex account to be able to access your content outside your home network. You do not require PlexPass to do this. Regular Plex accounts are free. This is recommended but not required.

Click Settings in the top right, click Server under Settings then click Connect in the left Pane.

Click Sign Up to create a free Plex account, once completed enter your username and password here and click Sign in.

Automatically Download Subtitles

If you want subtitles to automatically download click Agents in the left pane.

Click Movies, then Freebase and drag Open subtitles and drag it to the top.

plex agents move open subtitles

Make sure Open Subtitles is checked.

If you want subtitles for TV shows, repeat the steps above but click TV shows

plex agents open subtitles top

Set the library update interval.

You can ask Plex to monitor the folders you added for movies and tv and it will automatically update them when changes are detected.

If you are happy to have the library update every hour you can set that here as well.

plex settings library

Enable DLNA server which will allow direct streaming to DLNA enabled devices that do not support the Plex App or Plex Home Theater.
If you are still in the Settings -> Server, click DLNA on the side.
Make sure DLNA is checked and cli

Enable Direct Play to avoid transcoding if possible. Click settings in top right.
Then click Web, click the Show Advanced button underneath Web.
Make sure Direct Play and Direct Stream are enabled.

plex settings player direct play

That is it for Plex. Now you can connect to your Plex Server using any laptop, most consoles (like PS3, PS4 and Xbox variants). You can use a Raspberry Pi to stream video from Plex using RasPlex. Portable devices like iPads and other iOS devices plus Android gadgets will play back video from Plex too though the apps cost $5 unless you have a PlexPass.