Configure Sonarr (Nzbdrone) for Usenet TV


Nzbdrone now Sonarr is quickly becoming the goto application for creating an autodownloading PVR for your favorite periodic media shows. It handles failed downloads better than Sickbeard and is more actively developed. The interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to configuring nzbdrone. It's very easy thanks to the intuitive user interface.

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A new guide is in progress to include torrents as well since Sonarr has been updated.

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Configure Sonarr (Nzbdrone)

You need to have installed Sonarr (NzbDrone) (Debian guide, Windows guide)

You need a usenet provider account like UsenetServer

You need nzbget (Debian or Windows) or Sabnzbd (Debian or Windows) installed

Ideally an account with a private indexer should be used, you need your API key from there.

Open up the NzbDrone interface http://ip.address:8989

You will be met with this screen. Don’t click Add series just yet, we need to configure some things first. Click settings.

first screen series red

It is a good idea to enable renaming. Click Media management and then the Rename Episodes button

nzbdrone settings media management no red

It will then look like this, leaving the defaults is fine unless you want some other naming format.

nzbdrone settings media management yes red

Configure Indexers

Now we are going to configure indexers. Click indexers and then the gigantic plus sign.

Settings Indexers

Enable the free indexer Womble by clicking Womble.

settings indexer womble red

Make sure enable is checked, press Test and you should see the notification in the bottom right corner. Click Save.

settings womble show notification

Now Womble is added and nice and green

settings indexer womble enabled

If you have a premium newznab indexer (click the enormous plus button again) you can select it from the list of presets. I have chosen

settings indexer show presets

Paste your API key, hit test and you should see the notification. Click save.

settings indexer dognzb notification

Now our indexers are set up and enabled green

settings indexers womble n dog enabled

If you need to add an indexer that is not shown in the list of presets. Click the plus sign

nzbdrone add indexer generic plus sign

Then click the Newznab text as shown here

nzbdrone add indexer generic click newznab

Now you need to know some information from your indexer like the indexer's API URL and your personal API key.

Paste them in here, click Test and Save.

nzbdrone add indexer generic newznab website


Continue to the next page to configure the download clients Sabnzbd or NZBGet