Banana Pi Pro NAS Media Server Kit Giveaway July 2016

banana-pi-lemakerIt is time for your next HTPC Guides giveaway, this time in partnership with LeMaker who have kindly donated a Banana Pi Pro to a lucky user. The winner will receive the LeMaker Banana Pi Pro unit, a case with space for a 2.5″ hard drive, SATA cable, SD card with a minimal Debian Armbian and the HTPC Guides Media Server Installer and a 5V … I'm curious

Force Torrent Traffic through VPN Split Tunnel on Ubuntu 14.x

openvpn-logo-squareIn this guide we will show you how to configure your Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS for Split Tunneling with OpenVPN. You will be able to route your torrent traffic over your VPN connection, while everything else will have direct access, bypassing the VPN. We are essentially separating the network traffic on your server.

You will have full control over which applications you want to … I'm curious

Install Debian VMware Tools on VMWare Workstation Player

vm tools on debian vmwareVMPlayer is a great alternative to VirtualBox to test out new software. Virtual Machines are your digital playground for evaluating new software to avoid messing with your production environment (likely your home media server) and breaking something.  In another post, I showed you how easy it is to install Debian in a virtual machine using VMPlayer on Windows. Now I will show you how to … I'm curious

Create Shared Folders OpenMediaVault for USB Hard Drives

OpenMediaVault is a popular NAS software solution. It has an easy-to-use graphical web interface for simple management of settings, plugins, etc. OpenMediaVault allows the user to create shared folders and manage access to these shares within the web interface. This guide has been tested on the Raspberry Pi 2 with Minibian but should also work on other Pi models and non-ARM architectures. If you have … I'm curious