Fix Plex Media Server Transcoder Crashing Raspberry Pi

raspberry_pi_plexPlex Media Server on the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 has been a roller coaster. Originally a chroot was required and discoveredy by Francis on his bitbucket guide. Then thanks to uglymagoo on the Plex forum it was very easy to install Plex using the Synology armv7 package.  Now with the Plex ReadyNAS package transcoding is enabled by default and is the package uglymagoo’s repository uses … I'm curious

ARM Pi Media Server Installer Images Download Page

raspberry-pi-clipart-media-installerI have been practicing bash scripting and forked Igor’s micro server installer. Tons of media server related software has been added to make setting up your Linux home media server very convenient. It works on Ubuntu 14.04 and later so Debian Wheezy and Jessie are supported too.

The HTPC Guides Media Server Installer works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems as well as ARM CPU architectures. … I'm curious

Use Monit to Monitor Linux Home Media Server

monit-logoLinux systems make solid home media servers. Like all servers, services can stop or crash for one reason or another. If you use Monit to monitor your Linux Home Media Server you can have these services restarted automatically when there is a small kink in your system. You can get email alerts too if a service is going down. This may not be super critical but … I'm curious

Install Secure Monit for Home Media Server Monitoring

monit-logoMonitoring Linux systems securely is important for home media server management.  Use Monit to monitor your media server services and send email alerts if things have gone wrong. I personally use secure Monit on my web servers and media servers with https so nobody can sniff my password. Monit has a very powerful configuration syntax that allows a flexible way to monitor the health of … I'm curious

Install Latest NTFS-3G from Source Debian + Ubuntu

ntfs-3gNTFS-3G allows you to read NTFS formatted hard drives on Linux systems. This is a huge convenience for users who wish to use their hard drives on both Windows and Linux systems. There are ext4 wrappers for Windows that allow you to read hard drives formatted with ext4. There is a performance hit with the older ntfs-3g (see these benchmarks). While newer ntfs-3g versions … I'm curious

Monitor + Autorestart Plex Media Server Service Failure

monit-logoLinux systems make excellent media servers. Since Plex Media Server has been unofficially available on the Raspberry Pi 2, Banana Pi and other ARMv7 devices, some users have wanted to monitor the service and restart it automatically.

Monit is the perfect service for that as it has advanced probing for system services. At the basic level it monitors for the existence of process id files … I'm curious