Install SickRage Plugin OpenMediaVault

raspberry-pi-openmediavaultOpenMediaVault is an excellent NAS software solution with an easy-to-use graphical web interface for simple installation and management of many desirable plugins such as MiniDLNA, NZBGet, CouchPotato, SickRage and Transmission. This guide uses Minibian as a base. It is recommended to install OpenMediaVault on a clean, unaltered image. This guide has been tested on the Pi 2 but should also work on other Pi models. If you have not installed OpenMediaVault … I'm curious

Install Sickrage Debian Linux

SickRage is a popular fork of SickBeard the classic automated periodic show grabber. SickRage can send index files to your usenet or torrent downloader and post process the releases for you. SickRage can do Anime just like Sonarr. You can integrate SickRage with Sabnzbd and NZBGet for usenet downloads. If you prefer torrents you can use Transmission, Deluge and other clients. Personally I prefer Transmission for torrent downloads. This guide to … I'm curious

Fix SickRage not Finding Shows with Torrents or Usenet

sickrageIf you are having trouble with SickRage finding your shows, here is a potential fix. SickRage tries its best to find your content but if the torrent has a funny naming pattern that SickRage doesn’t recognize, it will not find it. Luckily SickRage is so robust that you can customize the search strings it uses to make exceptions for specific video series. This guide will show … I'm curious

Install SickRage Ubuntu Vivid Vervet 15.x and Later

sickrageSickRage is a popular fork of the classic Sickbeard for periodic media shows. It uses multiple databases like TVRage and TVDB to resolve scene naming issues which can trouble the classic Sickbeard. You can use torrents and usenet to download your media and it is quite customizable. It can be valuable addition for your automated home media server if you are unable to use Sonarr. This SickRage … I'm curious

Screenshot Guide to Install SickRage on Synology NAS

synology-sickrage-logoSickRage can be installed on the Synology NAS Servers for automating periodic video downloads from usenet and torrents. This guide shows you how to install SickRage on your Synology NAS as simply as possible. I tested this in a virtual environment and have no doubt that it will work for your Synology NAS at home. Bear in mind there are now two SickRage repositories, one … I'm curious

Create SickRage Windows System Service v2

sickrageMany usenet and torrent programs startup using the Windows startup folder. While this generally works it is not ideal for processes that can freeze or hang – you want to be able to restart your program’s service without having to reboot the whole machine or use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to terminate the process.

I made a previous post about creating a Windows system service for SickRage using … I'm curious