Install NTV Kodi Plugin from Repository Screenshot Guide

ntv-kodi-logoNTV is an excellent streaming experience when used with Kodi (previously XBMC), a free media center for all operating systems. Kodi, previously XBMC, has a plug in system which allows you to install virtually any add on for use with IPTV. The friendly developers at Xunity have created a Kodi plugin for the NTV IPTV service. I have shown screenshots of the plugin in … I'm curious

How to Remove FTV Guide Channels to Match NTV Channels

ftv-ntv-combo-guideHow to remove FTV Guide Channels to match NTV channels can complement the integrate FTV Guide with NTV tutorial which combines the power of these two excellent Kodi XBMC plugins for expat IPTV. However, I did notice my channel list was quite long and I spent a lot of time scrolling through the channels. There are 324 channels (maybe more) that FTV Guide supports and … I'm curious

Install SportsAccess Kodi XBMC Plugin for Sports Streaming

sportsaccess logoThe SportsAccess service was promising but ultimately the site owner got overwhelmed with popularity. Lots of users started complaining about buffering issues and not getting refunds when they were dissatisfied with the service. The owner Carleton is regularly attacked by his numerous enemies because of his bad business practices (for example he refused to pay his affiliates because he’s greedy). These attacks explain the SporstAccess site … I'm curious

Install FTV Guide Plugin on Kodi XBMC with Screenshots

ftv-guide-logoFTV Guide is a sexy EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) for Kodi XBMC which gives you channel overviews with current and upcoming shows. It can integrate with FilmOn’s low quality free streams but can also be integrated with NTV’s subscription service (see NTV Review). This guide should work on Windows, Android streaming boxes, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi and other debian based systems.

Install FTV Guide Plugin

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