Install SABnzbd Plugin OpenMediaVault

OpenMediaVault is an excellent NAS software solution, it has an easy-to-use graphical web interface for simple installation and management of many desirable plugins such as MiniDLNA, NZBGet, CouchPotato, SickRage, SABnzbd and Transmission. For Raspberry Pi users, this guide assumes Minibian as a base. It is recommended to install OpenMediaVault on a clean, unaltered system. This guide has been tested on the Raspberry Pi 2 but should also … I'm curious

Install PAR2 Multicore Sabnzbd Debian + Ubuntu Linux

par2-multicore-logopar2tbb is a project which enables multicore par2 processing for par2 files. Par2 files are used to repair incomplete rar files typically found on usenet. Being able to repair rar files using multiple threads using all of your CPU cores can signficantly increase the time taken to repair your releases and prepare them for extraction. NZBGet has a built-in multicore par2 module, now you can get … I'm curious

Install Sabnzbd Raspberry Pi with Raspbian

raspberry_pi_sabnzbdSabnzbd is a usenet downloader written in Python. It integrates with Sonarr, CouchPotato, SickRage, Mylar and Headphones for automating your media downloads. With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Sabnzbd is much easier to run now because of the additional CPU cores and RAM. This guide will walk you through installing Sabnzbd on the Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and autostarting it on boot for … I'm curious

Configure Sabnzbd Reverse Proxy nginx Windows

nginx-sabnzbdA Reverse proxy is a cool way to remotely access your media server’s web interfaces. When you are done with this guide you will be able to use your free dynamic DNS address (Windows Afraid DNS Guide) like instead of This means fewer open ports on your router leaving you more secure while simultaneously having a convenient URL to access Sabnzbd behind … I'm curious

Create Sabnzbd System Service on Windows

SABnzbdMany usenet and torrent programs startup using the Windows startup folder. While this generally works it is not ideal for processes that can freeze or hang – you want to be able to restart your program’s service without having to reboot the whole machine or Ctrl+Alt+Delete. I made a previous post to create a Windows system service for SickRage using SrvAny. I later learned from a … I'm curious

Configure Mylar with Sabnzbd or NZBGet for Usenet Comics

mylar usenet comic books logo
Usenet is packed full of content including illustrative novels. Thanks to developer evilhero you can now automate these downloads. You can create a wishlist of all the comic books you want and mylar will search your usenet indexers for the media files and send them to your usenet downloader much like NzbDrone does for periodic video files and CouchPotato for lengthy video files.

Mylar will also search … I'm curious

Download via Sabnzbd RSS Feeds


Sometimes certain tv shows you want to get from usenet do not download automatically through Sickbeard or Nzbdrone. Fortunately there is a work around using Sabnzbd RSS feeds. RSS feeds are automatically updated with all the releases for a certain category of your usenet indexer (like dognzb.c or This guide will show you how to get that show that is on usenet but isn’t … I'm curious