Raw Mini 2 Review – HTPC Combo Device

There are so many HTPC devices out it is hard to find devices that differentiate themselves. There are Android boxes all very similar but where it gets interesting is the devices running x86 of amd64 CPU architecture because it opens the possibility for multiple operating systems we are used to on powerful laptops and desktops. I received the Raw mini 2 which is designed by … I'm curious

Raspberry Pi vs Pi 2 vs Banana Pi Pro Benchmarks

raspberry-pi-2-vs-banana-pi-sata-benchmarksI finally got time to benchmark the Raspberry Pi, Pi 2 and Banana Pi Pro for media server tasks. It is similar to my last comprehensive benchmarks comparing the Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi. Despite not much changing besides the CPU and RAM in the Pi 2, many people insisted my old benchmarks were not relevant. In the interest of science I have conducted the … I'm curious

HummingBoard i1 vs Raspberry Pi Review and Benchmarks

hummingboard-200-properThe HummingBoard i1 is a Raspberry Pi clone with serious upgrades for NAS or media server usage created by Solid Run. It packs a 1 Ghz processor, 512 MB of DDR3 memory and a gigabit port which makes serving media files and other data around your home considerably faster. Here is my Hummingboard i1 media server and media center review as compared to the Raspberry … I'm curious

Raspberry vs Banana Pi Benchmarks – Do SATA and Gigabit Matter?

raspberry-pi-vs-banana-pi-sata-benchmarksI have created many guides for the Raspberry Pi as a media server, while the RPi mostly holds its own there are lags and freezes. I think people expect too much of the low-powered beast sometimes, after all it was created for learning programming and development – not media servers. I have looked for powerful Raspberry Pi alternatives, the Banana Pi got decent press so I chose to … I'm curious

Ballstreams Review for Premium NBA Basketball Streaming

ballstreamsBasketballs fans outside (or inside the US) may want an alternative to League Pass to watch their favorite NBA team. Ballstreams used to be a great way to do that. Unfortunately the site had a security breach and users lost their accounts even if they had already paid. Do not bother trying to use Ballstreams anymore, like SportsAccess it is a scam where you are likely to … I'm curious