Install Proxmox Free Virtual Machine Host Management

proxmox-logoProxmox is a free virtual machine manager for your home media server. Proxmox has a minimal debian base and a great web interface for creating and managing virtual machines. With Proxmox you can have separate virtual machines for each component of your home media server. For example you can have one dedicated to usenet which doesn’t use a VPN and a torrent virtual machine that … I'm curious

Install Debian VMware Tools on VMWare Workstation Player

vm tools on debian vmwareVMPlayer is a great alternative to VirtualBox to test out new software. Virtual Machines are your digital playground for evaluating new software to avoid messing with your production environment (likely your home media server) and breaking something.  In another post, I showed you how easy it is to install Debian in a virtual machine using VMPlayer on Windows. Now I will show you how to … I'm curious

Install Debian Virtual Machine in VM Workstation Player

Debian-OpenLogo.svgInstall Debian Virtual Machine in VM Workstation Player to have a development environment for testing new software and guides. I make a lot of tutorials here for Debian and Ubuntu, the key to my workflow is having virtual machines I can easily restore to a fresh install state. To make things even easier with multiple virtual machines I have Debian send me a Pushbullet notification … I'm curious

Get Debian Virtual Machine IP Pushbullet Notifications

PushBullet-iconVirtual machine test environments make practicing a guide or new configuration efficient and productive. I use VM Workstation, VM Player is the free version, for testing guides in a closed development environment. I like to SSH into the Debian virtual machines. Instead of clicking on the console in VM Player, I have scripted a Pushbullet notification which uses curl to send the IP of the … I'm curious

Workaround to Clone VMPlayer Virtual Machines

vmplayerVMPlayer test environments are incredibly useful for anyone who wants to tinker with new software. It lets you have a playground environment where you can play, break and mess around as much as you like on an operating system with no consequences to your real home media server operations. In my installing Ubuntu as a virtual machine guide, I mentioned that I like to … I'm curious

Easy Resize and Back up Raspberry Pi SD Card with Ubuntu

raspberry-pi-sd-cardHow many times have you tinkered with your Raspberry Pi only to find you broke something? Some of you may be familiar with the concept of a development test environment and a production environment, so you understand that you just don’t mess with your production device unless you have a proper full backup.

One option for a test environment with a Raspberry Pi is having … I'm curious

How to Use SD Card Reader in VMPlayer and VMWorkstation

vmplayerVMPlayer is a powerful virtual machine software that runs on Windows. It will let you run Ubuntu on your Windows machine without have to mess with disk partitions or dual booting and is useful for testing different software. I use VMPlayer and VMWorkstation for resizing SD card partitions in Ubuntu for use with the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, ODROID and Orange Pi so they will … I'm curious