Screenshot Guide to Install SickRage on Synology NAS

synology-sickrage-logoSickRage can be installed on the Synology NAS Servers for automating periodic video downloads from usenet and torrents. This guide shows you how to install SickRage on your Synology NAS as simply as possible. I tested this in a virtual environment and have no doubt that it will work for your Synology NAS at home. Bear in mind there are now two SickRage repositories, one … I'm curious

Screenshot Guide to Install Sonarr on Synology NAS

Sonarr is a PVR system to download periodic shows from usenet or torrents. You can integrate it with NZBGet and Sabnzbd for usenet and Transmission, ruTorrent and others on your Synology NAS. Sonarr is relatively easy to install but requires a few extra steps to enable advanced options for the repositories. This guide was created using a virtual environment running Diskstation 5.1 so it may not … I'm curious

NZBGet Performance Tweaks for Low Power Devices

nzbget-performance-tweaksThe usenet downloader NZBGet is built for performance. It is highly modular with many different settings to squeeze every last drop of power from your system, no matter how limited it may be. Some machines like Synology NAS, Raspberry and Banana Pi use ARM processors which are weaker and have less cache than x86 and amd64 equivalents (good explanation here). Luckily there are … I'm curious