Install NZBGet on Banana Pi Pro Arch Linux

NZBGet – the lightweight, easy to use usenet downloader. With a beautiful and easy to use user interface downloading NZBs will now be easy. Using the pre-made bash-script from the official NZBGet website your installation will be simple to install and even simpler to update from within the NZBGet web interface. Afterwards you can set it up with CouchPotato, Sonarr, SickRage, Mylar, and Headphones to … I'm curious

Install Latest NZBGet on Ubuntu 15.x with Easy Updates

nzbgetNZBGet has grown in popularity due its low memory footprint and considerable power. Previously NZBGet had to be built from source and each time a new version was released you had to rebuild NZBGet. Using this method to install NZBGet you will easily be able to update to newer versions without having to rebuild from source. This installation method works on Debian and Ubuntu systems … I'm curious

Install Latest NZBGet on Raspberry Pi 2 and B+ Raspbian

raspberry_pi_nzbgetNZBGet is a lightweight usenet downloader recently updated to 15.0. NZBGet, like NZBGet 14 supports fake detector for discarding fake releases from your usenet download queue. I recommend a UsenetServer account for downloading from usenet. I tested this several times on my Minibian image and is part of my Media Server Image. Let’s install NZBGet 15 Raspberry Pi for lightweight usenet downloading using hugbug’s … I'm curious

Configure NZBGet Reverse Proxy nginx Linux

A reverse proxy is a secure method of remotely accessing services on your home media server. Using nginx on any Linux based system (Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian) you can access NZBGet without having to remember the port number inside your home network. With a free dynamic dns address (guides: Linux, Raspbian) you can manage NZBGet at your friend’s house at a custom address like … I'm curious

Install NZBGet on Banana Pi with Raspbian or Bananian

banana-pi-nzbgetNZBGet is a lightweight usenet downloader recently updated to 14.2. NZBGet and the Banana Pi fit well, even though it is more powerful than the Raspberry Pi, it is still best to put a lightweight downloader on it. The Banana Pi is a capable little board and NZBGet runs well on low spec hardware. This will eventually be in my upcoming Ultimate Banana Pi Media Server Guide. I recommend … I'm curious

Abort Passworded Releases with NZBGet 14 and Later

block-rar-password-releasesUsenet releases can be passworded causing frustration for users. Like Sabnzbd, NZBGet can discard passworded releases that your usenet indexer didn’t catch it just requires a script configuration. The PasswordDetector script is written by several coders in python so it will work on all operating systems: Windows, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi) and Mac OSX. It runs as a queue-script which means it scans the … I'm curious

NZBGet Performance Tweaks for Low Power Devices

nzbget-performance-tweaksThe usenet downloader NZBGet is built for performance. It is highly modular with many different settings to squeeze every last drop of power from your system, no matter how limited it may be. Some machines like Synology NAS, Raspberry and Banana Pi use ARM processors which are weaker and have less cache than x86 and amd64 equivalents (good explanation here). Luckily there are … I'm curious