Easy Resize and Back up Raspberry Pi SD Card with Ubuntu

raspberry-pi-sd-cardHow many times have you tinkered with your Raspberry Pi only to find you broke something? Some of you may be familiar with the concept of a development test environment and a production environment, so you understand that you just don’t mess with your production device unless you have a proper full backup.

One option for a test environment with a Raspberry Pi is having … I'm curious

Fix Plex ‘Server is not powerful enough’ on Raspberry Pi 2

raspberry_pi_plexInstalling Plex Media Server on the Raspberry Pi 2 has been very popular since uglymagoo created his repository (guide). Unfortunately, many users have gotten the error ‘This server is not powerful enough to convert this video’ error. It seems that this is due to the Plex Web Client blocking transcoding automatically for ARM servers running Plex Media Server. For now, we can override … I'm curious

Install Plex Media Server on ODROID Lubuntu and Debian

Plex Media Server can finally run natively on ARMv7 devices. We use the Synology package and make some modifications thanks to uglymagoo on the Plex forum to get it to work. Direct play works beautifully but transcoding is very limited. This guide was tested on the ODROID-C1 but should work on any ODROID device running Ubuntu 14.04 or Debian 8 that has an ARMv7 processor like … I'm curious