Install + Configure WordPress Varnish Cache 4.x Firewall

configure-varnish-4.x-firewall-4.xThe Varnish Cache Firewall is a Web Application Firewall that can protect WordPress. It is an open source project by comotion to integrate the modsecurity web application firewall into Varnish and will help protect WordpPress against SQL injections, XSS attacks and other web attacks. This Varnish firewall tutorial is specifically for Debian but is easily adaptable to Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and other Linux systems. Ubuntu.… I'm curious

Install + Configure ConfigServer CSF Firewall + Security

configserver-firewallConfigServer Firewall is a very popular and powerful firewall solution for your VPS, decdicated or home media server. CSF contains a plethora of options for securing your system.

All of the CSF options can be overwhelming so in this guide I walk you through how the ConfigServer Firewall is configured on my $5 Digital Ocean VPS and HostUS backup VPS ($15/year). I have configured a … I'm curious

Install and Configure Latest Redis Cache for WordPress

redis-cacheRedis-server is a caching system that speeds up WordPress using object cache. Benchmarks show ridiculous speed increases with the PECL Redis extension for PHP. I use Redis caching and Varnish caching for this site and have found it to be the best combination on my 512 MB Digital Ocean droplet for $5 a month.

This guide is for Ubuntu and Debian based systems (Wheezy 7, … I'm curious

Install + Configure WordPress Varnish Cache 3 Firewall

Varnish is the rock solid reverse proxy. It’s a web accelerator that serves your web pages as static content instead of serving PHP pages. Varnish also has a firewall component thanks to some vmods which have been integrated by comotion to provide a Web Application Firewall to protect your WordPress site or any other web site. A variety of attacks can be prevented like XSS, … I'm curious

Configure WordPress Varnish 3 Cache with Apache or nginx

varnish-cache-logo-text-200Varnish is a refresh proxy that serves your WordPress lightning fast. Varnish will cache your WordPress site as compiled html pages so users avoid making PHP requests from the web server (Apache2 and nginx). It is very simple to set up WordPress Varnish cache on your VPS or dedicated server.

This guide is for Debian Wheezy but Jessie will work too as well as Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi, Banana … I'm curious