Get Debian Virtual Machine IP Pushbullet Notifications

PushBullet-iconVirtual machine test environments make practicing a guide or new configuration efficient and productive. I use VM Workstation, VM Player is the free version, for testing guides in a closed development environment. I like to SSH into the Debian virtual machines. Instead of clicking on the console in VM Player, I have scripted a Pushbullet notification which uses curl to send the IP of the … I'm curious

Get CouchPotato Pushbullet Notifications


Getting notified about new downloads on your home media server is cool. It makes you feel like a digital pimp. Pushbullet is my application of choice for custom notifications on my phone because the name is awesome and you can make it work with most applications that allow custom scripts like uTorrent and rtorrent. You will need to configure Couchpotato and have a PushbulletI'm curious

Get Pushbullet Notification when uTorrent Completes Download

pushbulletWhen I discovered pushbullet I got a bit obsessed with getting notifications for all sorts of things. I of course looked into to setting up utorrent to notify me when my latest Driver Pack has completed its download. Thanks to the awesome developer Daniel Liljeberg we can send pushbullet notifications from windows  with variables passed on from utorrent.

Note: Unfortunately the Pushbullet from Daniel is … I'm curious

Setup rtorrent Send Pushbullet Notifications


This guide will show you how to send a pushbullet notification when rtorrent completes a download on Debian Wheezy. With the power of curl and simple bash scripts it is remarkably easy to make pushbullet do its thing and make you feel like a digital badass.

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Setup rtorrent and Pushbullet

First make sure curl … I'm curious