autodl-irssi Install to Automate Torrent Downloads with rtorrent

irssiEver wanted to grab the latest tv or movie releases via torrents as they are available? If you are lucky enough to be a member of private torrent sites you can most likely take advantage of their IRC announce channels to accomplish record fast grabs. You will need a server running rtorrent and a gui for it and a private torrent tracker which has IRC announce channels.

Note: Testing this guide December 6th and got xml-rpc errors when trying to build rtorrent from source. I cannot guarantee that this will work as it is not my script. I encourage you to leave a comment on the script creator's site if you have any issues.

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autodl-irssi Install

First make sure you have git installed

sudo apt-get install git

Now we are going to grab the updated script to download and install autodl-irssi.

git clone

Go to the seedboxcreationscript directory

cd SeedboxCreationScript

execute the autoinstall script

bash seedbox-setup

This script is quite user friendly so you should be able to follow it

I recommend choosing nginx as the webserver, type nginx

If you want to install rtorrent and rutorrent just type ‘y’

I also recommend saying yes to autostarting rtorrent and autodl-irssi at boot

When asked if you would like to configure as much as possible automatically, type ‘y’

Would you like me to automatically choose some CPAN mirror, type ‘y’'

Fix msie missing error

The location of the file you need to edit depends on your configuration.
If it is for nginx using the script in this guide script use this syntax

sudo nano /var/rutorrent/plugins/autodl-irssi/AutodlFilesDownloader.js

If it is pre apache 2.4 use this syntax

sudo nano /var/www/rutorrent/plugins/autodl-irssi/AutodlFilesDownloader.js

if it is post Apache 2.4

sudo nano /var/www/html/rutorrent/plugins/autodl-irssi/AutodlFilesDownloader.js

Wherever your file is, find this line in the file you are editing

if ($.browser.msie)

Change to

if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' && navigator.userAgent.match(/msie 6/i))

Fix rtorrent rutorrent Apache 2.4 Failed to Start Error

Apache 2.4.1 moved the /var/www directory so rutorrent fails to register. You need to move the /var/www/rutorrent folder to /var/www/html/rutorrent

sudo cp -a /var/www/rutorrent /var/www/html

Then restart apache

sudo service apache2 restart

This will solve the apache2 fails to stat error for rutorrent.
You can now access the installation at http://ip.address/rutorrent