Install Plex Media Server Ubuntu 14.x


Plex is an awesome media server software that is great for serving to multiple devices. It is so easy, even people who are not particularly tech savvy will be able to navigate and use plex which makes it perfect if you are trying to create an HTPC home media server … I'm curious

Install Plex Media Server Windows


Plex Media Server is an awesome streaming media server solution. Plex will provide a gorgeous interface to manage your media. The install procedure is very straightforward so you may be looking to configure Plex instead. This guide will show you how to install Plex Media Server for Windows 7 and … I'm curious

Install Plex Home Theater on Raspberry Pi

rasplexPlex Media Server is a fantastic software solution if you want to stream to multiple clients in your house. The Raspberry Pi Model B is powerful enough to act as a Plex Home Theater device thanks to the active developer community project RasPlex. When you couple RasPlex with a … I'm curious