Configure Sonarr (Nzbdrone) for Usenet TV

Configure Download Clients

Time to enable our download client. I will show you how to configure both Sabnzbd and NZBGet but you only need to use one.

Click download clients menu at the top and then the big ass plus sign

Settings Download clients plus red


Note: For Sabnzbd  you must have the category tv created first. You need your api key as well if you haven’t already.

Go grab your sabnzbd api key by going to http://ip.address:8080, Config ->General -> SABnzbd Web Server -> API Key and copy it.

Back in the Nzbdrone web interface, choose Sabnzbd

settings download client choose sabnzbd

No SSL Configuration

Give this download client a name.

Input your username and password for Sabnzbd and the port (default is 8080).

Click test, the notification should pop up, then hit save.

settings download client sabnzbd no ssl notification

Sabnzbd without SSL is now enabled

settings download client sabnzbd no SSL green

Sabnzbd with SSL

If you have ssl enabled and wish to use it you will need to change the port to 9090. Click SSL at the bottom.

Hit test, see the notification and click save.

settings download client sabnzbd ssl notification

Now Sabnzbd with SSL is enabled

settings download client sabnzbd SSL green

Now it’s time to add some periodical media shows.

Configure NZBGet

Choose nzbget from the download client submenu

settings download client choose nzbget

Type in your nzbget information. The default username is nzbget, password is tegbzn6789.

The category Series is enabled in nzbget by default, if you want it to be called tv you must first change the category name in nzbget, save all changes and reload the server. Bear in mind the category here is case sensitive for nzbget so ‘series' won't work unless you have changed it in nzbget from ‘Series' to ‘series'.

Hit test, you should see the notification and hit Save.

Note: SSL will only work if you create a self-signed certificate for NZBGet and enable it.

nzbdrone settings nzbget notification

NZBGet is now enabled

settings nzbget green enabled

Add TV Shows

Note: when you add a TV show all seasons are monitored by default which you may or may not want

Click Series at the top and then Add Series

first screen series red

You’ll see this screen, type the show you want. I am using Game of Stones as a demonstration.

Add first series

The series will pop up, click Add

Add series Game of stones

You will need to enter the path for your downloads, this is where the media will end up after they download Sabnzbd or Nzbget completes them (e.g. c:\tv).
Click the green tick box

nzbdrone select path

Now click on the series itself to enter the series manager

game of stones click series

By default nzbdrone will automatically look for the latest episodes, if your are only interested in getting unaired episodes you can stop here and just add each show one by one.

If you want to do a backlog download of aired episodes keep reading.

This is the series manager, you can toggle whether the whole season is monitored.

If the entire season is monitored nzbdrone will look for all monitored episodes.

The entire season is monitored by default shown by the filled in icon monitored on icon

When you click it will become the unmonitored icon unmonitored icon

game of stone full series editor monitored red

The monitoring selection works as a hierarchy so if you click the monitor icon for the entire season it will deselect all the episodes for that season

game of stones full series editor unmonitored red

Then you can select individual episodes if necessary

game of stones individual episode about to mark

Once you are done, we are going to tell nzbdrone to search for the episodes.

game of stones searching notification green red

That's it, now you can add all the tv shows you want and nzbdrone to automatically search for and download with your usenet indexer, provider and downloader.

The default interval for searching is 15 minutes which I suggest you leave as is, private sites may punish you for hammering the API more often than every 15 minutes.