Install NZBGet from Source Ubuntu

nzbgetNZBGet is the ultimate lightweight usenet downloader. It will run on all platforms and has a variety of scripts to help streamline. one script is FakeDetector which detects spammy releases another is the FailureLink script which will request a new nzb if the download fails from your indexer (OZnzb and DOGnzb support this feature). This guide assumes you are starting in your user's home directory.

Install NZBGet 14.x from Source Ubuntu

Install dependencies so you can compile NZBGet

sudo apt-get install build-essential libsigc++ sigc++ libncurses5-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev unrar unzip p7zip-full -y


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Download the latest NZBGet source

Install subversion

sudo apt-get install subversion -y

Grab latest source

svn co nzbget-svn

Go into the NZBGet folder

cd nzbget-svn

Create some magic files for compiling

touch configure && touch && touch

Configure with SSL

./configure --with-tlslib=OpenSSL

Compile, install and create the configuration file for NZBGet

make && sudo make install && sudo make install-conf

Change ownership of configuration file to right username and group, replace username with your username

sudo chown username:root /usr/local/etc/nzbget.conf

Install VideoSort which is a useful plugin for sorting video files. It is most helpful for when you have sent nzb files straight from an indexer to NZBGet. If you are using other automation software like CouchPotato, Sonarr or SickRage exclusively then you do not need Videosort.

Enter the NZBGet scripts folder

cd ~/nzbget-svn/scripts

Download VideoSort 5.0

sudo wget

Unpack the VideoSort Script


Your script directory in NZBGet will be /home/username/nzbget-svn/scripts

See if it runs, check http://ip.address:6789 with username nzbget and password tegbzn6789

nzbget -D

We will make NZBGet autostart on boot, make sure upstart is installed

sudo apt-get install upstart

Create the upstart script file

sudo nano /etc/init/nzbget.conf

Paste the upstart script, change both instances of username to your username

Note: If you have issues upon restarting, remove the setuid and setgid lines

#description "NZBGet upstart script"
#author "Ben Vassie"
setuid username
setgid username
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]
exec nzbget -D
end script
pre-stop script
exec nzbget -Q
end script

Now you can start the script with

sudo service nzbget start

It should show

nzbget start/running, process 27365

Reboot to test it

sudo reboot

To update from nzbget enter the nzbget-svn folder

cd ~/nzbget-svn && svn update

Configure with SSL

./configure --with-tlslib=OpenSSL


sudo make && sudo make install

All done :). Credit

Now you can Configure NZBGet