Setup uTorrent Remote Access WebUI


Running uTorrent on a headless Windows Home Media Server means you may want to access the uTorrent GUI from another computer on your home network. Luckily, uTorrent has a built-in Web User Interface for managing torrents in a web browser. This also allows you to use your Android phone to manage the torrents as well. Note that if you are using a VPN setup like PureVPN you will not be able to access the uTorrent WebUI outside your home network without addtional setup.

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The easier method is to use TightVNC. You might also consider reading Comparing Usenet vs Torrents – Which is Better?.

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Setup uTorrent Remote Access WebUI

Open up uTorrent. Click Ctrl+P or click Options then Preferences.

utorrent click Preferences

Click Advanced Settings -> WebUI. Check Enable WebUI.

Enter your desired username and password and change the port to 7070

You can also add specific download folders by clicking Add.

Click Apply and then OK.

utorrent preferences enable webui

Now open up your web browser and the http://ip.address:7070/gui

Enter your username and password and click Log In.

utorrent enter webui password

You will see a prompt to download the WebUI files, depending on your uTorrent version this may or may not work. If the uTorrent WebUI fails download the manually and place it in c:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\ – make sure Hidden items is checked (View tab, check Hidden items). You do not need to unzip the the file!

Reload the http://ip.address:7070/gui page.

Now you'll see this screen. Go find a torrent somewhere and copy the magnet link to the clipboard.

Back in the WebUI, click the web button and you can add magnet urls.

utorrent webui click magnet url

That concludes the setup for uTorrent WebUI. If you're running a headless media server or have an HTPC media server combo, this will make managing uTorrent more convenient. You can setup portforwarding to port 7070 an access it outside your home network if you have followed my Free Dynamic DNS guide.