Install Nzbdrone OSX


Nzbdrone is growing in popularity due to fantastic development. The devs are creating new features and fixing bugs all the time, it's the epitome of active development and community projects should be run. It was time to make a guide for installing Nzbdrone on OSX so Mac users can enjoy … I'm curious

Workaround Slow Usenet Propagation with Nzbdrone

NzbdronelogoSometimes the indexer you are using indexes a release before it has been fully uploaded or fully propagated across all usenet providers. When somebody uploads files to usenet, the other usenet providers synchronize the data between their servers. Which means just because somebody else can download a given release does … I'm curious

Fix Nzbdrone Freeze – Install Mono 3.6 Ubuntu

Nzbdrone is my preferred application for usenet tv PVR automation. Some users have noticed that nzbdrone hangs with the previously recommended mono 3.2 install. Currently the recommended mono version is 3.6 since 3.4 caused database issues and 3.8 is too new to know if it is reliable yet. Therefore we … I'm curious

Install Nzbdrone on Windows


This guide will teach you how to install nzbdrone on windows 7, 8 and 8.1. It is quite straightforward so you may be looking to configure nzbdrone instead. Once you are done you will have a superior sickbeard alternative for your automated usenet setup. NzbDrone is now called Sonarr and … I'm curious

Install Sonarr (Nzbdrone) Ubuntu


Sonarr (previously NzbDrone) is a PVR that downloads periodic media files automatically from usenet and torrents. It is a strong competitor to SickBeard. Nzbdrone has a modern UI and an active developer who is currently adding torrent support and recently added anime indexing. In the future it will include longer … I'm curious

Configure Sonarr (Nzbdrone) for Usenet TV


Nzbdrone now Sonarr is quickly becoming the goto application for creating an autodownloading PVR for your favorite periodic media shows. It handles failed downloads better than Sickbeard and is more actively developed. The interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to configuring nzbdrone. … I'm curious