Download via NZBGet RSS Feeds

nzbget-rssNZBGet the lightweight usenet downloader, can download tv shows that Sickbeard and Nzbdrone fail to download automatically. It is similar to Sabnzbd in how it handles RSS feeds but has a nicer interface for displaying how your filter affects which releases will be downloaded. You need to have installed and … I'm curious

Workaround Slow Usenet Propagation with NZBGet


NZBGet is an advanced usenet downloader that has a wide array of options to customize your downloading experience. Some usenet servers propagate more slowly than others meaning that you can be downloading a movie or tv show before it is on your provider's servers which can result in a failed … I'm curious

Install NZBGet Windows

nzbgetNZBGet 14 is a lightweight usenet downloader. Installing it on Windows is straightforward now that there is an installer. It also takes a extra few steps to make NZBGet autostart when Windows boots. This guide walks you through the entire process from start to finish and will work on Windows, … I'm curious

Configure NZBGet on All Platforms

nzbgetNZBGet is the perfect alternative to SABnzbd if you want something more robust and lightweight than Sabnzbd. It can seem a little intimidating at first but it is quite easy to setup for basic downloading. Once you are done you can move on to couchpotato and nzbdrone for a full … I'm curious

Install NZBGet from Source on Debian


NZBGet is a solid lightweight nzb file downloader. I have already written a tutorial for installing the latest stable NZBGet 13.0. This is for installing the latest development build (which could have stability issues). This is incidentally much easier than installing the latest stable build. If, for personal reasons, … I'm curious