Workaround Slow Usenet Propagation with NZBGet


NZBGet is an advanced usenet downloader that has a wide array of options to customize your downloading experience. Some usenet servers propagate more slowly than others meaning that you can be downloading a movie or tv show before it is on your provider's servers which can result in a failed download. To workaround slow usenet propagation with nzbet there is a special feature.


Workaround Slow Usenet Propagation with NZBGet

Open up your nzbget installation through the webui http://ip.address:6789 default username: nzbget, password: tegbzn6789

Click Settings at the top then Download Queue on the left. Go down to Propagation delay and choose a number in minutes, 30 should suffice but if you are noticing more failed downloads you can increase it to 45 or 60.

nzbget propagation delay

Scroll down and click Save All Changes

nzbget propagation delay save all changes

You will get a message to Reload NZBget afterwards. Click Reload.

nzbget configuration saved hit reload page

With propagation delay enabled nzbget will keep the nzb in the download queue and wait 30 minutes (or whatever number you choose) before it attempts to start downloading.