Fix Mount Manager Out of Memory Error

mount manager iconOne of my first guides was about how to turn an old Android device into a streaming music player for your library. Because I have a large music library stored on my HTPC server I needed to mount the network drives in Android using Mount Manager. After it running quite smoothly for a few months I got a ‘Mount Manager Out of memory error' and thanks to this post I learned the fix.

Mount Manager Out of Memory Error Fix

To summarize the post, when you are using a Windows machine as a file server by having network shares, you need to tell Windows to allocate its resources accordingly. This includes informing windows how much memory to put aside for its new file server duties. After these registry edits it should fix any stuttering you may have experienced on your android mpd server.

Open up regedit. Press Windows key+R, type in regedit and press Enter

Note: HKLM stands for Local Machine

Browse to this entry and change the value to 3


In the original post it says to change the LargeSystemCache value as well. However, it is not
necessary and may even slow down your network drives!

I have included it for completion only but do not recommend doing this edit.

Browse to this registry entry and it the value 1

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache

Then I rebooted my HTPC server and lo and behold mount manager mounted my drives.
If this resolved your problem and you got stutter free audio streaming as a result then please leave a comment.