Install Plex Requests.Net Windows with System Service

Install Plex Requests.Net on Windows so your family and friends can easily request media for your Plex Media Server. Plex Requests.Net is the .NET port of  the node.js-based Plex Requests.  Plex Requests.Net works with automation software to grab new content requests that your Plex users may have. It is compatible with CouchPotato, Sonarr and SickRage for getting content automatically from usenet or torrents. This tutorial was tested on Windows 8 and 10 which should also work on Windows Server 2008 and 2012. The how-to includes a Plex Requests.Net Windows system service.

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The Plex Requests welcome screen looks like this, let's get started.

Install Plex Requests.Net Windows

Plex Requests.Net requires the .NET framework 4.5 which should be included in all versions of Windows after Vista.

Make a PlexRequests.Net folder in c:\Ombi or wherever you want it installed.

Download the latest file from their github page.

Unblock the zip file by right clicking on it or you will see errors in the PlexRequests.Net web interface.

Choose the General tab

Check Unblock

Click Apply and OK

Open the and enter the Release folder, copy its contents to C:\Ombi or your custom installation folder.

The absolute path to the PlexRequests.exe should be c:\Ombi\Ombi.exe and not c:\Ombi\Release\Ombi.exe

Create PlexRequests.Net Windows System Service

Install the latest nssm and find nssm.exe in the win32 (32-bit) or win64 (64-bit) folder of the file and copy it to c:\Windows\System32

Run a command prompt as an Administrator

Install the PlexRequests.Net system service

nssm install Ombi "C:\Ombi\Ombi.exe

You will see this output incidating it installed correctly

Service "Ombi" installed successfully!

Set the home directory for the Ombi PlexRequests folder to the installation directory

nssm set Ombi AppDirectory "C:\Ombi"

You should see that it was set successfully

Set parameter "AppDirectory" for service "Ombi".

Now set the Windows system service to autostart on boot

nssm set Ombi Start SERVICE_AUTO_START

And that's it, will autostart on Windows now

Set parameter "Start" for service "Ombi".

You can start the system service with this command if you don't want to reboot.

nssm start Ombi

If you got this message then should be running and can be accessed on its default port 3579

Ombi: START: The operation completed successfully.

Enjoy PlexRequests.Net on your Windows server and if you have any issues with the application itself then post them on github.