Orange Pi Raffle Giveaway April-May 2015

orange-pi-logoI recently gave away a $40 Amazon voucher so now it is time for another HTPC Guides giveaway. One of the benefits of running this blog is I get to test and benchmark sweet new hardware. I already have an Orange Pi Mini for my collection so I am giving away my extra Orange Pi Mini to a lucky HTPC Guides subscriber.

This latest Raspberry Pi alternative features built-in WiFi, SATA and Gigabit ethernet running on an Allwinner A20 chipset so it is great for a NAS Media Server that has a low electricity footprint (see Allwinner A20 benchmarks). It will also work with a SATA Port Multiplier (see project) so you can connect 5 SATA hard drives to it! If you don't want to take your chances the Orange Pi is available for $39 dollars on AliExpress.

This juicy device could be yours. Use the unlocker below and enter your email address, the winner is randomly chosen from that list at the end of May. If you cannot see the unlocker you must turn off Adblock, I have no intrusive, pop up garbage ads.


You must enter your valid email, it is the only way I can track who has entered and notify the winner.

You will not pay postage but will have to get a power adapter for it, like the ODROID the Orange Pi doesn't receive power through USB.