Install Plex Media Server Windows


Plex Media Server is an awesome streaming media server solution. Plex will provide a gorgeous interface to manage your media. The install procedure is very straightforward so you may be looking to configure Plex instead. This guide will show you how to install Plex Media Server for Windows 7 and … I'm curious

Fix Mount Manager Out of Memory Error

mount manager iconOne of my first guides was about how to turn an old Android device into a streaming music player for your library. Because I have a large music library stored on my HTPC server I needed to mount the network drives in Android using Mount Manager. After it running quite … I'm curious

Workaround Slow Usenet Propagation with Nzbdrone

NzbdronelogoSometimes the indexer you are using indexes a release before it has been fully uploaded or fully propagated across all usenet providers. When somebody uploads files to usenet, the other usenet providers synchronize the data between their servers. Which means just because somebody else can download a given release does … I'm curious

Increase CouchPotato Search Frequency



To help avoid DMCA takedowns it can help to increase the search frequency for CouchPotato. By default CouchPotato searches for movies on your watchlist once a day at the same time. This post will show you how to make CouchPotato search every hour of every day. You want to make … I'm curious

Install Serviio Windows Guide


Serviio is a lightweight DLNA server for Windows, Linux and OSx. If you have devices in your home that you want to stream to that do not support Plex, then  an alternative DLNA server can help stream to those devices. With Serviio installed on your home server you can stream … I'm curious